About me

My name is Usman Saeed. I’m a Fitness Professional & Model. I have more than 10 year’s experience in the Fitness Field in which I have transformed myself and transformed others, numerous times. In addition to that, I am also a Social Media Influencer and a YouTuber. My main goal is to outspread Fitness Awareness in the whole World and indulge people to attain a healthy Fit Lifestyle. The main goal to make this Website is to spread the Knowledge of Fitness that I have gained over this past decade. Our website includes All the Basic Fitness Programs. The mistakes I have did, I will make sure that I won’t let you do it. So Register Now and Change your Lifestyle 


Jr.Mr. Pakistan Man Physique Title Holder (2019)

Two Times National Champion( 2018-2019)

All Pakistan University 65kg category(SilverMedalist)


Mr. Pakistan 65kg category (Gold Medalist 🎖)

Mr. Punjab 65kg category (Gold Medalist🎖)

Mr Lahore 65kg category (Gold Medalist 🎖)

All Pakistan Inter Board 65kg category (Gold Medalist🎖)

Yaya Classic 65kg category (Gold Medalist 🎖)


Member of Punjab Board of Technical Education Bodybuilding Team 2014

University of Central Punjab Bodybuilding Team 2018

Higher Education Commission Bodybuilding Team )

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